Special Offer!! 20% Off 450 and 452 remaps Until February 2017

Magna Carta Remaps

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Magna Carta Remaps Exclusively From PureSmart.

PureSmart Magna Carta Fortwo 450 series £150

PureSmart Magna Carta Roadster 452 series £180

PureSmart Magna Carta Fortwo Brabus 450 series £350

PureSmart Magna Carta Roadster Brabus 452 series £500

All Magna Carta remaps include a free diagnostic check and clutch adjustment AS STANDARD saving £100 if bought separately

ITG performance filters are recommended with all our remaps and as a special offer will be discounted to £40

and fitted FREE with any PureSmart Magna Carta remap


We are now offering to install Genuine Ultraseal to all four of your Smart car's tyres for just £50 per car, that's just £12.50 per tyre for the ultimate protection against punctures!